What to Look For in an Online Auto Retailing Solution
September 7, 2021
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Thinking about adding an online retailing experience? It’s a smart move for dealerships and OEMs in 2021, given the recent boom in ecommerce and the latest research from McKinsey reporting growing consumer interest in conducting the automotive sales process online. As you shop around for an online retail solution, here are some benefits and features to look for.

White labeled solution

One of the most important features when it comes to an online retail experience is a customizable white label solution. This allows for a branded experience tailored to the specific creative, messaging, and even functional needs of each particular automotive brand or dealership.

End-to-end user experience

Next, consider the comprehensiveness of the digital retailing features — which is particularly important to customers, who increasingly wish to complete the entire order process online. This end-to-end user experience should have the following capabilities — supressable as needed according to the strategic needs of each retailer:

  • Inventory search feature with product details and consistent branding and creative
  • Accurate monthly payment calculator integrating VIN-specific national, regional, and dealer incentives

  • Full credit application with the customer’s bank of choice
  • Accurate trade-in valuation
  • Wishlist feature that allows customers to save multiple vehicles they’re interested in for future viewing
  • Vehicle comparison functionality that allows customers to select multiple vehicles at one time for future viewing

All the better if the online sales tool offers in-widget functionality throughout the whole process. This means you can keep customers on your site instead of sending them off to a new browser when it’s time to complete their purchase. And with more and more users opting for mobile over desktop for automotive shopping, a mobile-friendly design is a must.

Fast site speed

Speaking of user experience, while customers will appreciate the comprehensiveness of an end-to-end process, speed matters deeply — especially with Google’s latest algorithm update. With a fast online retail experience, you can maximize time on site and user engagement, ensuring a high volume of converting leads.


With the competitive digital landscape and automotive market, customization capabilities should be top of mind as you search for an online retail platform. This allows your brand to differentiate itself and build a stronger connection with shoppers. Ideally the following features should be customizable:

  • Trade-In Products
  • Landing Page
  • URLs
  • Finance and insurance products

With recent consumer trends, many OEMs and dealerships are investing in their digital shopping capabilities like never before. With eCommerce only expected to grow in the automotive space, it’s time to make sure you can offer them the online retailing experience they prefer.